Cruising in a Hybrid Convertible

Imagine a hybrid convertible. Wind in your hair, sun shining as you cruise up the coast on a bright sunny day. And not having to even think of filling up for the next 500 or 600 miles.( if you wanted to)

Any convertible is fun, but how about a hybrid? Easy on the environment and fun on the weekend. Gotta love it!
tesla hybrid convertible electric

What's Available Now there actually such thing as a convertible hybrid?

Strangely enough, although a production electric car has not yet made its way into the dealer showrooms, the first electric convertible has. And it's a high performance sports car, based on a formidable Lotus chassis.

The Tesla Roadster Convertible Electric Sports Car

The good news, is that there is an alternative fuel vehicle that's available. Unfortunately however, the Tesla Electric convertible, which is based on the Lotus Elise chassis is a $109,000 limited production vehicle.

Clearly, that's not going to work for most of us....

So what's out there waiting in the wings to fulfill our needs for a convertible hybrid boasting great fuel economy and an affordable price?

Potential Convertible hybrid Cars and Sports Cars

The Peugeot 307 CC FiSyPAC is a hybrid fuel cell electric convertible that's been seen around the show car scene since 2006. But Peugeot says that mass market production will be available no earlier than 2020.

A number of other concept vehicles have emerged since 2008, but there have been no recent announcements.

The First Hybrid Convertible May Be a Jeep

If Chrysler and Fiat get their hybrid vehicle acts together, it just may be a Jeep that becomes the first hybrid convertible.

hybrid convertible concept jeep

Based on the Jeep hybrid concept vehicle, the first drop top convertible might also be a truck/suv fun machine, based on the Jeep Renegade concept car pictured above.


Based on the information I've seen, it looks like any production gas/electric convertibles, won't appear any sooner than the 2012 model year.

But then again, the news and specs of hybrid cars and suv's changes so quickly that anything can happen. So stay tuned.

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Probably the most important part of a hybrid car, truck or SUV is the battery pack. That's because it can be the single biggest expense of hybrid vehicle ownership.

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